Journal of Neurogenetics
Volume 28, Number 3-4. Special Issue: The Nervous System of Drosophila melanogaster: From Development to Function
THE JOURNAL OF NEUROGENETICS (the first of its kind, since 1983)
The Journal of Neurogenetics is your journal IF...
  • You have important things to say but it is against conventional wisdom or established dogmas, such as a discovery "before its time"
  • You prefer to show the accurate, total picture even if it may spoil a perfect story
  • You want to communicate useful and important results for the benefit of the practitioners in the field, even though they are not easily incorporated in papers aimed at the general public.
Original research papers, Commentaries, Forum and History columns, Invited Reviews, Meeting Highlights, and Meeting Abstracts

  • All previously published papers available online from the very first issue in 1983.
  • No page charge, free online color figures (color figures in printed version at a fee).
  • Online iFirst e-publication within 6-8 weeks following formal acceptance of a submitted paper.
  • One year after online iFirst publication, the authors are free to upload the accepted (but unedited) manuscript to the "PubMed Central" to fulfill the requirements for publishing work funded by NIH or Wellcome foundation.

Online Developments

In the Spring of 2014, Informa Healthcare will re-launch its flagship journals website,

The Journal of Neurogenetics now has the "Just Accepted" feature for manuscripts that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. They are posted online prior to technical editing, formatting for publication, and author proofing. The Journal of Neurogenetics posts just accepted, unredacted manuscripts as a service to the authors and neurogenetics community in order to expedite the dissemination of scientific information as soon as possible after acceptance. "Just Accepted" manuscripts appear in full as PDF documents. They are accessible to all readers and citable by the Digital Object Identifier (DOI®). The manuscripts posted on the "Just Accepted" page are not the final scientific version of record; it is later repplaced by the Early Online article (which has been technically edited and formatted, but has not been assigned page numbers), which is in turn replaced by the final, paginated version of the article. The DOI remains constant throughout the publication process to ensure that citations of the "Just Accepted" manuscripts link to the final scientific article of record.

Following is a link to special tribute articles in honor of former Associate Editor Howard Nash who passed away in April. It is temporarily available for free online access.

We have organized several special issues of the Journal of Neurogenetics over the past few years. The most recent includes:

"The Nervous System of Drosophila melanogaster: from Development to Function" Meeting in Freiburg, Germany 26-29 Sept., 2013 (2014) with Guest Editor: Karl-Friedrich Fischbach
"From Genes to Behavioral Diseases: Neurogenetics of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders" (2014) with Guest Editor: Wei-Dong Yao
"Evo-Devo-Neuro Approach to Behavior" (2013)
"Obaid Siddiqi at 80 and Neurogenetics in India" (2012) in honor of Obaid Saddiqi's retirement
"Bill Pak's Vision: The Neurogenetics of Phototransduction" (2012) in honor of Bill Pak's retirement from Purdue University
"The Hotta Neurogenetics School" (2012) in honor of Hotta
"Pharmaconeurogenetics" (2011)
"Entitlement, No! Gratitude, Yes!" (2011) special tribute articles in honor of former Associate Editor Howard Nash who passed away in April, 2011
"From Synapse to Behavior: Neurobiology in Drosophila" (2010) aka "The Erich Buchner special issue" (2010) in honor of Erich Buchner's retirement from the University of Wuerzburg
"The Genetics and Epigenetics of Addiction" (2009)
"Drosophila Neurogenetics: The Heisenberg Impact" (2009) in honor of Martin Heisenberg's exoneration from university duties as Professor Emeritus
"Genes Circuits and Behaviors: Coming of Age" (2008)
"The Origins of Neurogenetics: A Collection of Highly Cited Journal of Neuorgenetics Papers" (2007) in honor of Editor Emeritus Jeff Hall; a special retrospective issue featuring reprints of historically significant papers previously published in the Journal of Neurogenetics.

Copies of select special issues, including "The Heisenberg Impact" and the Jeff Hall "Special Retrospective Issue: The Origins of Neurogenetics" are available upon request (free for first and last authors). If you are interested please write to