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Aims and Scope

Under new editorship in 2008, the Journal of Neurogenetics will continue to publish papers involving the genetics of behavior, neural function or development, interpreted in the broadest sense. The Journal may be particularly appropriate for papers on behavioral, biochemical, or cellular aspects of neural function, plasticity, aging or disease. In addition to analyses in the traditional genetic-model organisms, C. elegans, Drosophila, mouse and the zebrafish, the Journal encourages submission of neurogenetic investigations performed in organisms not easily amenable to experimental genetics. Such investigations might, for instance, describe behavioral differences deriving from genetic variation within a species or report human disease studies that provide exceptional insights into biological mechanisms. Manuscripts simply documenting the correlation of specific human SNPs with behavioral traits or neurological disorders are outside of the Journal's current scope and will not be considered. In addition to Original Articles, the Journal will also publish Short Communications, and Hypotheses, as well as Invited Commentaries and Reviews. Meeting Reports or groups of Abstracts associated with Neurogenetics conferences will also appear on a regular basis.

In an attempt to energize the Journal, the new editorship:

  1. has revised the presentation and has provided online access to the Journal; and

  2. makes the following commitments to prospective authors:

  • To provide a fair and constructive peer review of manuscripts submitted.

  • To ensure that accepted manuscripts appear in electronic databases within six weeks of final acceptance.

  • To provide rapid editorial review of papers previously reviewed by other journals.

  • To allow authors maximal latitude in discussing the wide implications of their work and, when duly qualified, encourage discussions that question current models.

  • To improve representation of research from countries outside Europe and North America.

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