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Original Research Articles

A conserved function of Pkhd1l1, a mammalian hair cell stereociliary coat protein, in regulating hearing in zebrafish

Stylianos Makrogkikas, Ruey-Kuang Cheng, Hao Lu & Sudipto Roy

Evaluation of mouse behavioral responses to nutritive versus nonnutritive sugar using a deep learning-based 3D real-time pose estimation system

Jineun Kim, Dae-gun Kim, Wongyo Jung & Greg S. B. Suh

Circadian gating of light-induced arousal in Drosophila sleep

Hoyeon Lee & Chunghun Lim

Knockdown of glutathione S-transferase leads to mislocalization and accumulation of cabeza, a drosophila homolog of FUS, in the brain

Sun Joo Cha, Ja Hoon Yoon, Yeo Jeong Han & Kiyoung Kim

Reduced branched-chain aminotransferase activity alleviates metabolic vulnerability caused by dim light exposure at night in Drosophila

Mari Kim, Gwang-Ic Son, Yun-Ho Cho, Gye-Hyeong Kim, Sung-Eun Yun, Young-Joon Kim, Jongkyeong Chung, Eunil Lee & Joong-Jean Park

Review Articles


Inter-organ regulation by the brain in Drosophila development and physiology

Sunggyu Yoon, Mingyu Shin & Jiwon Shim


History of Drosophila neurogenetic research in South Korea

Greg S. B. Suh, Kweon Yu, Young-Joon Kim, Yangkyun Oh & Joong-Jean Park

Original Research Article

PTK2 regulates tau-induced neurotoxicity via phosphorylation of p62 at Ser403

Shinrye Lee, Myungjin Jo, Younghwi Kwon, Yu-Mi Jeon, Seyeon Kim, Kea Joo Lee & Hyung-Jun Kim

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