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Oxytocin ameliorates bone cancer pain by suppressing toll-like receptor 4 and proinflammatory cytokines in rat spinal cord

Xiaping Mou, Ji Fang, An Yang & Gang Du


Studying neural circuit of decision-making in Drosophila larva

Tihana Jovanic

Review Article

Cellular and circuit mechanisms of olfactory associative learning in Drosophila

Tamara Boto, Aaron Stahl & Seth M. Tomchik


Experimental psychology meets behavioral ecology: what laboratory studies of learning polymorphisms mean for learning under natural conditions, and vice versa

Brian H. Smith & Chelsea N. Cook

Original Research Articles

Sleep restores place learning to the adenylyl cyclase mutant rutabaga

Stephane Dissel, Ellen Morgan, Vincent Duong, Dorothy Chan, Bruno van Swinderen, Paul Shaw & Troy Zars

Dopaminergic neurons can influence heat-box place learning in Drosophila

Aditi Mishra, Patrick Cronley, Mathangi Ganesan, David J. Schulz & Troy Zars

Differential localization of voltage-gated potassium channels during Drosophila metamorphosis

Jan Werner, Jashar Arian, Ida Bernhardt, Stefanie Ryglewski & Carsten Duch


Cataglyphis meets Drosophila

Rüdiger Wehner

Toward nanoscale localization of memory engrams in Drosophila

Yoshinori Aso & Gerald M. Rubin


Original Research Articles

The Unc13A isoform is important for phasic release and olfactory memory formation at mushroom body synapses

Jennifer Woitkuhn, Anatoli Ender, Christine B. Beuschel, Marta Maglione, Tanja Matkovic-Rachid, Sheng Huang, Martin Lehmann, Joerg R. P. Geiger & Stephan J. Sigrist

Food restriction reconfigures naïve and learned choice behavior in Drosophila larvae

Benita Brünner, Juliane Saumweber, Merve Samur, Denise Weber, Isabell Schumann, Deepthi Mahishi, Astrid Rohwedder & Andreas S. Thum

Interactions between amyloid precursor protein-like (APPL) and MAGUK scaffolding proteins contribute to appetitive long-term memory in Drosophila melanogaster

Bryon Silva, Christian Niehage, Marta Maglione, Bernard Hoflack, Stephan J. Sigrist, Thomas Wassmer, Alice Pavlowsky & Thomas Preat

Importin-α2 mediates brain development, learning and memory consolidation in Drosophila

Christine N. Serway, Brian S. Dunkelberger, Denise Del Padre, Nicole W. C. Nolan, Stephanie Georges, Stephanie Freer, Andrew J. Andres & J. Steven de Belle

Review Article

Significance of DopEcR, a G-protein coupled dopamine/ecdysteroid receptor, in physiological and behavioral response to stressors

Emily Petruccelli, Arianna Lark, James A. Mrkvicka & Toshihiro Kitamoto


Towards a functional connectome in Drosophila

Katrin Vogt

Review Articles

Learning to collaborate: bringing together behavior and quantitative genomics

Patricka A. Williams-Simon, Mathangi Ganesan & Elizabeth G. King

Optogenetics: Illuminating neuronal circuits of memory formation

Nadine Ehmann & Dennis Pauls

Understanding neurobehavioral genetics of zebrafish

Sergey V. Cheresiz, Andrey D. Volgin, Alexandra Kokorina Evsyukova, Alim A.O. Bashirzade, Konstantin A. Demin, Murilo S. de Abreu, Tamara G. Amstislavskaya & Allan V. Kalueff


Finding a place and leaving a mark in memory formation

Divya Sitaraman & Holly LaFerriere



Studying complex brain dynamics using Drosophila

Sophie Aimon & Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow

Playing the genome card

Ari Berkowitz

Minimal selfhood

R. D. V. Glasgow

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