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Cell-type-specific promoters for C. elegans glia

Wendy Fung, Leigh Wexler & Maxwell G. Heiman

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What about the males? the C. elegans sexually dimorphic nervous system and a CRISPR-based tool to study males in a hermaphroditic species

Jonathon D. Walsh , Olivier Boivin & Maureen M. Barr


Neurogenetics of nictation, a dispersal strategy in nematodes

Heeseung Yang , Bo Yun Lee , Hyunsoo Yim & Junho Lee

Regulatory systems that mediate the effects of temperature on the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans

Byounghun Kim, Jongsun Lee, Younghun Kim & Seung-Jae V. Lee

Neuroendocrine control of lipid metabolism: lessons from C. elegans

Supriya Srinivasan

Neuronal specification in C. elegans: combining lineage inheritance with intercellular signaling

Antoine Barrière & Vincent Bertrand

Original Research Article

The OptoGenBox – a device for long-term optogenetics in C. elegans

Inka Busack, Florian Jordan, Peleg Sapir & Henrik Bringmann

Review Article

The discovery and consequences of the central role of the nervous system in the control of protein homeostasis

Veena Prahlad

Original Research Articles

C. elegans MAGU-2/Mpp5 homolog regulates epidermal phagocytosis and synapse density

Salvatore J. Cherra III, Alexandr Goncharov, Daniela Boassa, Mark Ellisman & Yishi Jin

Cellular damage, including wounding, drives C. elegans stress-induced sleep

Desiree L. Goetting, Richard Mansfield, Rony Soto & Cheryl Van Buskirk

Review Article

Temperature signaling underlying thermotaxis and cold tolerance in Caenorhabditis elegans

Asuka Takeishi, Natsune Takagaki & Atsushi Kuhara

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