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Latest Issue: Volume 34, Issue 1, 2020


Future perspectives of neurogenetics – in honor of Troy D. Zars (1967–2018)

Bertram Gerber, Elizabeth G. King, David Schulz, Hiromu Tanimoto, Scott Waddell & Chun-Fang Wu

Biographical Sketch

A biographical sketch of Troy D. Zars (1967–2018)

Bertram Gerber, Elizabeth G. King & Divya Sitaraman


Troy D. Zars: a personal tribute to a scientist, colleague, and friend

David J. Schulz

Memory, anticipation, action – working with Troy D. Zars

Reinhard Wolf, Martin Heisenberg, Björn Brembs, Scott Waddell, Aditi Mishra, Abigail Kehrer& Angelynn Simenson

Review Articles

Finding a place and leaving a mark in memory formation

Divya Sitaraman & Holly LaFerriere

Learning to collaborate: bringing together behavior and quantitative genomics

Patricka A. Williams-Simon, Mathangi Ganesan & Elizabeth G. King

Cellular and circuit mechanisms of olfactory associative learning in Drosophila

Tamara Boto, Aaron Stahl & Seth M. Tomchik

Optogenetics: Illuminating neuronal circuits of memory formation

Nadine Ehmann & Dennis Pauls

Significance of DopEcR, a G-protein coupled dopamine/ecdysteroid receptor, in physiological and behavioral response to stressors

Emily Petruccelli, Arianna Lark, James A. Mrkvicka & Toshihiro Kitamoto

Original Research Articles

Importin-α2 mediates brain development, learning and memory consolidation in Drosophila

Christine N. Serway, Brian S. Dunkelberger, Denise Del Padre, Nicole W. C. Nolan, Stephanie Georges, Stephanie Freer, Andrew J. Andres & J. Steven de Belle

Sleep restores place learning to the adenylyl cyclase mutant rutabaga

Stephane Dissel, Ellen Morgan, Vincent Duong, Dorothy Chan, Bruno van Swinderen, Paul Shaw & Troy Zars

Interactions between amyloid precursor protein-like (APPL) and MAGUK scaffolding proteins contribute to appetitive long-term memory in Drosophila melanogaster

Bryon Silva, Christian Niehage, Marta Maglione, Bernard Hoflack, Stephan J. Sigrist, Thomas Wassmer, Alice Pavlowsky & Thomas Preat

The Unc13A isoform is important for phasic release and olfactory memory formation at mushroom body synapses

Jennifer Woitkuhn, Anatoli Ender, Christine B. Beuschel, Marta Maglione, Tanja Matkovic-Rachid, Sheng Huang, Martin Lehmann, Joerg R. P. Geiger & Stephan J. Sigrist

Dopaminergic neurons can influence heat-box place learning in Drosophila

Aditi Mishra, Patrick Cronley, Mathangi Ganesan, David J. Schulz & Troy Zars

Food restriction reconfigures naïve and learned choice behavior in Drosophila larvae

Benita Brünner, Juliane Saumweber, Merve Samur, Denise Weber, Isabell Schumann, Deepthi Mahishi, Astrid Rohwedder & Andreas S. Thum

Differential localization of voltage-gated potassium channels during Drosophila metamorphosis

Jan Werner, Jashar Arian, Ida Bernhardt, Stefanie Ryglewski & Carsten Duch


Toward nanoscale localization of memory engrams in Drosophila

Yoshinori Aso & Gerald M. Rubin

Towards a functional connectome in Drosophila

Katrin Vogt

Studying neural circuits of decision-making in Drosophila larva

Tihana Jovanic

Studying complex brain dynamics using Drosophila

Sophie Aimon & Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow

Experimental psychology meets behavioral ecology: what laboratory studies of learning polymorphisms mean for learning under natural conditions, and vice versa

Brian H. Smith & Chelsea N. Cook

Cataglyphis meets Drosophila

Rüdiger Wehner

Playing the genome card

Ari Berkowitz

Minimal selfhood

R. D. V. Glasgow

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