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Volume 30, 2016

Table of Contents

Volume 30, Issue 3-4, 2016

Special Issue: Neurogenetics of Drosophila: The Ganetzky Legacy

Special Issue Articles


The Neurogenetics of Drosophila: The Ganetzky Legacy

Guest Editors Kate O'Connor Giles, Bing Zhang, & Julie Simpson; Editor-in-Chief Chun-Fang Wu



One Plus One Makes More than Two

(A Memory Pill)

Alberto Ferrús

How the Ganetzky Lab Drove me to Alcohol

Nigel Atkinson

A Tribute to Barry Ganetzky: A Trainee's Persective from 1986-1992

Gail Robertson


Ion Channels as Insecticide Targets

Richard H. ffrench-Constant, Martin S. Williamson, T. G. Emyr Davies & Chris Bass

Kinase-mediated signaling cascades in mood disorders and antidepressant treatment

Li-Lian Yuan, Eric Wauson & Vanja Duric

Original Research Articles

Rationally Subdividing the Fly Nervous System with Versatile Expression Reagents

J. H. Simpson

Immediate-early Alcohol-responsive miRNA Expression in Drosophila

Alfredo Ghezzi, Marie Zomeno, Andrzej Z. Pietrzykowski & Nigel S. Atkinson

The Hillary Climber trumps manual testing: an automatic system for studying Drosophila climbing

Alex M. Willenbrink, Margo K. Gronauer, Leon F. Toebben, Daniel R. Kick, Madalyn Wells & Bing Zhang

Characterization of axonal transport defects in Drosophila Huntingtin mutants

Kurt R. Weiss & Troy Littleton

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery for the special issue in honor of Barry Ganetzky

Atsushi Ueda, Tim Patience, & Chun-Fang Wu

Original Research Articles

Three-dimensional imaging of Drosophila motor synapses reveals ultrastructural organizational patterns

Hong Zhan, Joseph Bruckner, Ziheng Zhang & Kate O’Connor-Giles

The ATP-sensitive K channel is seizure protective and required for effective dietary therapy in a model of mitochondrial encephalomyopathy

Keri J. Fogle, J. Ian Hertzler, Joy H. Shon & Michael J. Palladino

K+ channel reorganization and homeostatic plasticity during postembryonic development: biophysical and genetic analyses in acutely dissociated Drosophila central neurons

Taixiang Saur, I-Feng Peng, Peng Jiang, Neng Gong, Wei-Dong Yao, Tian-Le Xu & Chun-Fang Wu

Regular Submissions

Short Communications

Dopamine DRD2 polymorphism (DRD2/ANNK1-Taq1A) is not a significant risk factor in writer’s cramp

Kirsten E. Zeuner, Albert Acewicz, Arne Knutzen, Dirk Dressler, Katja Lohmann & Karsten Witt

The altered promoter methylation of oxytocin receptor gene in autism

Mine Elagoz Yuksel, Betul Yuceturk, Omer Faruk Karatas, Mustafa Ozen & Burak Dogangun

A novel de novo mutation in the TSC2 gene in a Chinese patient with tuberous sclerosis complex

Wenzao Li, Peng Zhou, Congmin Zhao & Yuping Zhang

Original Research Articles

Individual differences in sensory responses influence decision making by Drosophila melanogaster larvae on exposure to contradictory cues

Nozomi Koseki, Satoshi Mori, Shoki Suzuki, Yuta Tonooka, Sakiko Kosugi, Hiroyoshi Miyakawa & Takako Morimoto

Acute and chronic effects of clozapine on cholinergic transmission in cultured mouse superior cervical ganglion neurons

Taixiang Saur, Bruce M Cohen, Qi Ma, Suzann M Babb, Edgar A Buttner & Wei-Dong Yao

Effects of light regime and substrain on behavioral profiles of male C57BL/6 mice in three tests of unconditioned anxiety

Maaike Labots, Xiaochu Zheng, Golnaz Moattari, Frauke Ohl & Hein A. van Lith



Volume 30, Issue 2, 2016

Special Issue: Neurogenetics of Connectomes: From Fly to Fish

Special Issue Articles


Neurogenetics of connectomes: from fly to fish                

Guest Editors Harold A. Burgess & Chi-Hon Lee; Editor-in-Chief Chun-Fang Wu.

Invited Commentary


What genetic model organisms offer the study of behavior and neural circuits

Benjamin H. White

Original Research Article

Connectome studies on Drosophila: a short perspective on a tiny brain

Ian A. Meinertzhagen


Wiring dendrites in layers and columns

Jiangnan Luo, Philip G. McQueen, Bo Shi, Chi-Hon Lee & Chun-Yuan Ting

Original Research Article

Imaging voltage in zebrafish as a route to characterizing a vertebrate functional connectome: promises and pitfalls of genetically encoded indicators 

Caroline Kibat, Seetha Krishnan, Mahathi Ramaswamy, Bradley J. Baker & Suresh Jesuthasan


Neural circuits that drive startle behavior, with a focus on the Mauthner cells and spiral fiber neurons of fishes

Melina E. Hale, Hilary R. Katz, Martin Y. Peek & Rachel T. Fremont

Motor control of fly feeding

Claire E. McKellar

Gustatory processing and taste memory in Drosophila

Pavel Masek & Alex C. Keene

Motivated state control in larval zebrafish: behavioral paradigms and anatomical substrates

Eric J. Horstick, Thomas Mueller & Harold A. Burgess

Reward from bugs to bipeds: a comparative approach to understanding how reward circuits function

Kristin M. Scaplen & Karla R. Kaun

Volume 30, Issue 1, 2016

Short Communication

A rare form of limb girdle muscular dystrophy (type 2E) seen in an Iranian family detected by autozygosity mapping

Marzieh Mojbafan, Yalda Nilipour, Seyed Hasan Tonekaboni, Samira Dabbagh Bagheri, Hamideh Bagherian, Zohreh Sharifi, Zahra Zeinali, Javad Tavakkoly-Bazzaz & Sirous Zeinali


Dopamine transporter mutant animals: a translational perspective

Evgeniya V. Efimova, Raul R. Gainetdinov, Evgeny A. Budygin & Tatyana D. Sotnikova

Original Research Articles

Effects of EPHX1 and CYP3A4*22 genetic polymorphisms on carbamazepine metabolism and drug response among Tunisian epileptic patients

Chahra Chbili, Neila Fathallah, Aicha Laouani, Manel Nouira, Anis Hassine, Sana Ben Amor, Sofiene Ben Ammou, Chaker Ben Salem & Saad Saguem

Effects of transgenic expression of botulinum toxins in Drosophila

Philipp Backhaus, Tobias Langenhan & Kirsa Neuser

Pharmacological evaluation of orexin receptor antagonists in preclinical animal models of pain

Terrence McDonald, Hongyu A. Liang, Raul Sanoja, Anthony L. Gotter, Scott D. Kuduk, Paul J. Coleman, Karen M. Smith, Christopher J. Winrow & John J. Renger

Deficits in social behavioral tests in a mouse model of alternating hemiplegia of childhood

Greer S. Kirshenbaum, Nagi F. Idris, James Dachtler, John C. Roder & Steven J. Clapcote

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