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Volume 22, 2008

Table of Contents

Volume 22, Issue 4, 2008

Original Articles

The white Gene of Drosophila melanogaster Encodes a Protein with a Role in Courtship Behavior

Matthew Anaka , C. Danielle Macdonald , Eva Barkova , Karl Simon , Reem Rostom , Ruth A. Godoy , Andrew J. Haigh , Ian A. Meinertzhagen & Vett Lloyd

Genetic Variations in FTSJ1 Influence Cognitive Ability in Young Males in the Chinese Han Population

Pingyuan Gong , Jing Li , Ling Dai , Kejin Zhang , Zijian Zheng , Xiaocai Gao & Fuchang Zhang

Normal Dopaminergic Nigrostriatal Innervation in SPG3A Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Roger L. Albin , Robert A. Koeppe , Shirley Rainier & John K. Fink

The KIAA0319-Like (KIAA0319L) Gene on Chromosome 1p34 as a Candidate for Reading Disabilities

Jillian M Couto , Lissette Gomez , Karen Wigg , Tasha Cate-Carter , Jennifer Archibald , Barbara Anderson , Rosemary Tannock , Elizabeth N. Kerr , Maureen W. Lovett , Tom Humphries & Cathy L Barr

Behavioral Differences among C57BL/6 Substrains: Implications for Transgenic and Knockout Studies

Camron D. Bryant , Nanci N. Zhang , Greta Sokoloff , Michael S. Fanselow , Helena S. Ennes , Abraham A. Palmer & James A. McRoberts


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Volume 22, Issue 3, 2008

Special Issue: Genes, Circuits, and Behaviors: Coming of Age

Regular Submissions

Original Articles​

Effects of Retinoic Acid on the Expressions of Vangl1 and Vangl2 in Mouse Fetuses

Jian Liu, Jing Qi, Jie Zhu, Lixia Zhang, Yan Liang, Qin Ning & Xiaoping Luo

Analysis of the Stathmin rs182455 Single Nucleotide Promoter Polymorphism in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Mathias Buttmann, Eva Nowak, Antje Kroner, Bernhard Hemmer, Klaus-Peter Lesch & Peter Rieckmann

Letter to the Editor

Electrophysiological and developmental implications of Na+ channel-splice variants

Shao-wu Ou

Special Issue Articles


Preface to the Special Issue “Genes, Circuits, and Behaviors: Coming of Age”

Daisuke Yamamoto & Chun-Fang Wu

Original Articles

Genes for Host-Plant Selection in Drosophila

Takashi Matsuo

The Alarm Response in Zebrafish: Innate Fear in a Vertebrate Genetic Model

Suresh J. Jesuthasan & Ajay S. Mathuru

The Necklace Olfactory System in Mammals

Minmin Luo

Behavioral Plasticity in the C. elegans Mechanosensory Circuit

Evan L. Ardiel & Catharine H. Rankin

Genes and Circuits for Olfactory-Associated Long-Term Memory in Drosophila

Chia-Lin Wu & Ann-Shyn Chiang

In Vivo Brain Imaging: Fluorescence or Bioluminescence, Which to Choose?

Jean-René Martin

Brain Sex Differences and Function of the fruitless Gene in Drosophila

Daisuke Yamamoto

Volume 22, Issue 2, 2008

Original Articles

Effects of Hyperkinetic, a β Subunit of Shaker Voltage-Dependent K+ Channels, on the Oxidation State of Presyn

Atsushi Ueda & Chun-Fang Wu

Helmsman Is Expressed in Both Trachea and Photoreceptor Development: Partial Inactivation Alters Tracheal Morphology and Visually Guided Behavior

James P. McKay, Barbara Nightingale & John A. Pollock

Autosomal Recessive Ataxia Caused by Three Distinct Gene Defects in a Single Consanguineous Family

Yosr Bouhlal, Mourad Zouari, Mounir Kefi, Christiane Ben Hamida, Fayçal Hentati, & Rim Amouri

Identification of a Mutation in the Clock1 Gene Affecting Zebrafish Circadian Rhythms

Ying Tan, Jason DeBruyne, Gregory M. Cahill & Dan E. Wells

Volume 22, Issue 1, 2008



Meeting Reports

Meeting Report: Genes, Neurons, Circuits, and Behaviors: Highlights of Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Drosophila Neurobiology, October 3–7, 2007

Daniel F. Eberl, Toshi Kitamoto, Brett Berke, Kate O'Connor-Giles, Atsushi Ueda, Jihye Lee, Hongyu Ruan, Jeff E. Engel & Barry Ganetzky

Habituation: The Foundation of Learning and Attention, International Workshop on Habituation, Vancouver, August 15–18, 2007

Catharine Rankin

Original Articles

fruitless Gene Products Truncated of their Male-Like Qualities Promote Neural and Behavioral Maleness in Drosophila If these Proteins Are Produced In the Right Places At the Right Times

Sarah L. Ferri, Rudolf A. Bohm, Hayden E. Lincicome, Jeffrey C. Hall & Adriana Villella

New Variants of Nav1.5/SCN5A Encode Na+ Channels in the Brain

Jun Wang, Shao-Wu Ou, Yun-Jie Wang, Zhi-Hong Zong, Li Lin, Masaki Kameyama & Asako Kameyama

Premutations in the FMR1 Gene Are Uncommon in Men Undergoing Genetic Testing for Spinocerebellar Ataxia

Sara A. Adams, Kelle J. Steenblock, Stephen N. Thibodeau & Noralane M. Lindor

Short Communication

Two Non-Contiguous Duplications in the DMD Gene in a Spanish Family

M. Fenollar-Cortés, J. Gallego-Merlo, M.J. Trujillo-Tiebas, I. Lorda-Sánchez & C. Ayuso

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